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What's the video capturer?

The video capturer is the tool for users to capture streaming video/audio. It is a great assistant to the movie hobbyists which enables them to collect their favorite streaming video/audio, and the captured contents can be saved and played back directly on your PC. With the video capturer, users can capture any video playing on the screen. The video capturer can capture streaming video/audio with amazing high quality. It is a good choice for online movie hobbyists.

With the easy-to-use video capturer, you just need to set the basic information of the streaming video/audio you want and with only one click, the capturing process begins. Then after a period of time, the streaming video/audio you want will be captured and saved on your PC. Besides, the video capturer has many functions which are useful for users. For example, with the video capturer you can convert the format of the captured video/audio, transport them to various devices, and you can even copy the captured videos on the DVD or Blu-ray discs, etc.

The video capturer is famous as the tool to capture the streaming video/audio and this kind of programs are of different functions. So please read the introductions to the software carefully before you choose one, so that you can choose the right one as you need.

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