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What's the stream downloader?

The stream downloader is the tool for users to download online movies and streaming video. It is a kind of software which enables Internet users to download online movies, TV shows and Flash. This kind of software enables users to download videos from any website and save them for later viewing. The stream downloader is very popular for its easy operation and powerful functions.

The stream downloader is the most popular stream downloading tool today. During the downloading process, all that users need to do is to grab the URL of the video you want, and the rest things would be done automatically by the stream downloader. Then after a period of time the video you want will be downloaded onto your PC, and during this time you can do anything as you like. Practice has proved that the download speed of the stream downloader is faster than that of a browser.

With this magical tool, users can do some simple operation on the downloaded online movies. For most online videos are in FLV format which is inconvenient for common users, the stream downloader provides the functions to convert the format of the downloaded videos. Moreover, you can transport the downloaded videos to your media devices and copy them on the DVD or Blu-ray discs with a stream downloader. What's more, users can share the downloaded videos on Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Youtube, etc.

The stream downloader, as the tool to download the streaming media files, is popular to the Internet users. But as different programs have different functions, you should read the introductions carefully before you choose one, so that you can get the right software as your actual need.