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Can the downloaded/captured contents be transported to various media devices?

Most video websites transport the online videos in FLV format, which is convenient for them. But the online videos in FLV format are inconvenient for common users to download. Though users can download the online videos with some methods, the downloaded videos in FLV format are not practical. Sometimes users want to transport the downloaded/captured videos to various devices for later viewing, but the videos in FLV format can't play on some devices. So if users want to transport the downloaded videos to their devices they need to convert the FLV format files to the corresponding formats of the device first. Then a new problem comes to users that how to convert the format of the downloaded videos. The conversion of the video formats depends on the way you take to download/capture the online videos. Here is the introduction to the format conversion of the downloaded/captured videos:

There are some video download websites that can convert the downloaded/captured video formats. For example, KeepVid can convert video in FLV format into MPEG video format. But the conversion has limitations that this kind of video download websites can only convert the FLV format files to one or two formats. And most video download websites cannot convert the format of the streaming files.

As for the professional programs, they have different functions, so if you want to know whether this software can convert the downloaded FLV format videos to your desired format, please read the instructions to the software first. Some of the software can convert the files in FLV format to other formats as you need, such as MPEG, AVI, MKV, WMV, etc. And then users can transport the videos to the portable multimedia devices. Moreover, some online movies download software enables you to copy the downloaded/captured streaming videos onto DVD/Blu-ray discs.