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Top 5 Streaming Video Websites

Watching streaming video online is becoming a more and more popular Internet activity in recent years. This kind of websites is a platform for users to watch, upload, share and distribute movies on the Internet easily. Different websites have different features and functions, so you should know the features and functions of each website so that you can choose the right one. Here is a list of popular Streaming Video Websites in the world for your reference.

No.1 YouTube
YouTube is known all over the world and it has millions of fans. YouTube is famous for its rich contents, which provide videos about almost all the subjects imaginable. Most videos here are made and uploaded by Internet users, who are keen on sharing and distributing their works for fun and showing their talents. YouTube enables users to embed their favorite videos onto the blogs or other personal pages to share with others. It provides various topics of videos which will attract all different people.

No.2 Veoh
Veoh is a good choice for couch potatoes and the video lovers because it provides varieties of videos, especially TV shows. If you want to watch the movie clips, trailers or episodes from your favorite TV shows, the Veoh is just for you. On this website users can download their favorite videos and it enables the users to embed their favorite videos onto the blogs or any other personal page to share with friends, or just save the videos to the personal favorites list.

No.3 Metacafe
Metacafe is an independent online video website which is specialized in entertainment videos and original videos on the Internet. It is famous for its page view money earning system, so this site is for the people who are interested in making money of the video's page views. Many videos here are not original to this site, and they are taken from YouTube. In fact, monetary reward is one of the biggest attractions for people to upload videos to this site.

No.4 Hulu
Hulu is an American online video website which mainly offers TV shows to users. It was founded in 2007 by the cooperation of NBC Universal and News Corp. This website is free, and videos on this website can be purchased and downloaded. Hulu offers varieties of popular and hot TV shows, thus this site is more for the TV shows lovers.

No.5 Vimeo
Vimeo is a user-friendly, sophisticated video streaming website. It provides a platform for users to upload and share their works with more restrictions, which strictly prohibits any commercial, pornographic or other videos of questionable nature. Vimeo has the ability to create and moderate video groups. You can also pay to get more functions.