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Streaming Video

Streaming video refers to the media formats playing on the Internet which are transported in the streaming way. It means the merchants send videos as data packets onto the Internet with a video transmission server. Then users can play the videos as the original ones by unpacking these data with decompression equipments.

The packet in this process is called "streaming". Actually, the streaming video refers to a new way to transport media files rather than a new media. With the wide application of the streaming video technology, users can chat on the Internet directly inputting by speech, and the users at different ends of the Internet can see each other simply by both sides with cameras. If you find commodities you like on the Internet, just with one click the images of the narrators and commodities will pop up on your screen. And more realistic video news is also available.

Streaming video technology originated in the United States. At present, this technology is widely applied in the US. For example, Hewlett-Packard Company's products release and sales personnel training are all proceeded by the network videos.

Streaming transmission method is the process to compress the A/V, 3D or other multimedia files into different compressed packages by special compression methods, and transport these packages to the Internet users continuously and timely by video servers. In the process of streaming transmission, users needn't wait for a long time as downloading the whole file. Just after several seconds or dozens of seconds' start-up delay, users can play and watch the A/V, 3D or other multimedia files unpacked by the decompression equipment on the computer. At the same time, the rest of the multimedia files will continue to be downloaded in the backstage server.