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Online Movies

Online movies mean the online cinemas, especially refer to the online cinemas from which you can watch movies directly. They are the cinemas on the Internet which are architected according to the real cinema's functions with computing technique and the Internet technology. They realize users' purposes to watch movies at home with this virtual cinema.

Generally speaking, online cinemas overcome the limitation of time and locale, so users can realize VOD whenever and wherever they want. With the richer Internet contents and the unceasingly increased Broad Band, online cinemas realize more movies, faster VOD and higher image quality. According to different standards online movies are divided into charged movies, free movies, download available movies, online movies, etc.

The differences between video websites and online movies
1. The difference of video resources: The purpose of video websites is enabling all users to make and upload videos all by themselves, which makes everyone have the chance to show their talents. This kind of video websites is a platform for video hobbyists to share and distribute their works. Thus the video resources here are uploaded by the users. As for online movies, video resources here are uploaded by the owner or the owned organization of the online cinema. Users on this website mainly demand, watch or download the online videos.

2. The difference of image quality: As the contents on video websites are mainly uploaded by users on different levels, the image quality cannot be guaranteed and some images may be obscure. While the videos on online cinema are uploaded by professionals and professional organizations, so the image quality is relatively clear.

3. The difference of players: In order to facilitate video watch and upload, most video websites use the system-compatible players or Flash technology. However, in order to improve the definition and increase the playing speed of the online movies, online movies always take some professional point to peer players (P2P player), such as the WEBPLAY, QvodPlayer, etc.

4. The difference of contents: It's a fact that almost all the contents on video websites are uploaded by users, so most of these videos are about the daily life of net friends and the social focus they are concerned. While the contents of online movies are mainly movies, TV shows, etc.