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The definition of streaming media is very extensive, but in most cases it refers to the media format playing on the Internet which is transported in the streaming way. It means that the merchants sent the compressed packed video data onto the Internet with video transmission servers. Then users can continuously and timely get the video information as the original ones by unpacking these data with the decompression equipments.

The streaming media service system stresses the shared use of the data objects and the pursuit of the maximum data transfer rate. At the same time, it stresses the support of high-speed, stable and continuous access to flows and the synchronization technology, so that it can make sure the media data arrive on time.

A complete streaming media solution should be the perfect integration of software and hardware, and it generally contains contents acquisition, video/audio capture and compression coding, contents editing, contents storage and contents playback, the management and release of the application server contents.

In recent years, the streaming media technology has been applied worldwide. With the construction of the broadband network, now Internet users not only search the Internet for information, but also turn their directions to the entertainment and movie appreciation. The application requirement of the streaming media also changes from the simple learning of the basic information to the appreciation of the video/audio. Users hope to get the interactive film feeling, so on one hand it should increase the construction of the network environment, and on the other hand it has a higher requirement for the coding technology and method of streaming media program contents.

Some experts believe that in 2 to 5 years, the quality of videos and audios on the Internet may reach the standards of today's TV programs. But compared with TV programs, the online videos/audios provide more decision-making rights and options for users.

With the construction and development of the wireless communications network, the streaming technology may be applied into the mobile communications field in the future. At that time users can get the streaming media files such as video messages, online music, TV spots and movie clips, etc through the wireless network by 3G phones, palm computers or other devices.