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Can we download online movies and streaming video? How can we do that?

There must be many people who want to collect the excellent videos by saving them on personal computers. On some websites you can directly download online videos by clicking the download button or just by a right click, but many online movies cannot be downloaded in this way. The main reason is that some online video websites take some technology means to hide the download link of the videos, so common users cannot download online videos in usual ways. Does that mean users can't download online movies? Absolutely not and here are the methods for you to download online movies:

1. Download by websites
There are some professional websites specially for users to download online videos, so users can realize the download of online movies with these professional websites. You just need to paste the online video's URL on the professional website, and after a period of time the video you want will be downloaded onto your personal computer. But this kind of websites is not everything, for it doesn't work on some online video websites.

2. Download by software
As some video websites hide the video's download URL, common users cannot download online movies in usual ways. To solve this problem there are some professional online videos download programs that enable users to download online movies and save them on personal computers. The most important thing is that this kind of professional software works for almost all the video websites. Users can freely download this kind of software, and after the installation they can download online movies with the software as they need. Most of the videos on the websites are in FLV format, which is convenient to upload and transport the online videos, but inconvenient for common users. With these software users can convert the files in FLV format to other formats as you like. What's more, with these software users can also copy the videos onto DVD/Blu-ray discs or just save the files on personal computers.

Through the above download methods, users can download online movies easily. Moreover, they can also do some simple operation to the downloaded videos.