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Can we get online movies, TV shows and Flash by the stream downloader/video capturer?

First of all, we should confirm that common users can get online movies, TV shows and Flash from the Internet by the stream downloader/video capturer.

Although the Internet develops fast today, but due to the limitation of the bandwidth, Internet users still can't watch online movies smoothly on many online movie websites. Most online movies websites transport the online files through the streaming transmission method, which greatly improves the speed of the transmission, but that makes common users unable to download and capture the online videos to PC in usual ways. Though common users cannot download and capture the online movies in usual ways, that doesn't mean we cannot download or capture the online movies. Users can download and capture online movies with the help of some professional stream downloading tools. At this time, the stream downloader and video capturer may come to your mind.

The stream downloader is the tool for users to download online movies and streaming videos, and is a kind of software which enables Internet users to download online movies, TV shows and Flash from the Internet.

The video capturer is the tool for Internet users to capture streaming video/audio from the Internet/Intranet. It enables users to capture any video playing on your screen with amazing high quality.

The stream downloader and video capturer are the most popular streaming video/audio downloading tools worldwide. During the downloading/capturing process, all that users need to do is to grab the URL of the video you want. Then the stream downloader/video capturer will do the rest work automatically in a period of time. During this time, users can do thing as they like and then the videos they want will be downloaded/captured to PC. Practice has proved that downloading online videos with the stream downloader or video capturer is faster than that with browsers, and the image quality of streaming video/audio downloaded or captured by the stream downloader or video capturer is better than that by browsers.

The download principle of the streaming media: Generally speaking, the streaming files cannot be downloaded, but how can these streaming downloaders and video capturers realize the download and capture of the streaming video/audio? In fact, the stream downloading software is a kind of streaming media player. Its working principle is to play the streaming video/audio, and save the played part of the media at the same time, and at last you will get the whole video file you want. In our view this process is just a downloading process.

From the above information, we know that common users can download and capture the online movies, TV shows and Flash, which are transported through the streaming transmission method.