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Capturing Streaming Video

Capturing streaming video means to capture the streaming video and audio information with the specialized video capture card, and then do digital processing and software compression processing to the captured information. At this time users can save, play back, transport or do other operation to the captured information.

Windows specially offers Video for Windows to support the video processing. The provided interfaces are supported by most video capture cards, and there are also a variety of video compression drives for choice (of course video compression can be developed by yourself). The video capture card supports multiple inputs, such as camera, TV, etc.

Video capture makes the video streaming and audio streaming digitization, and then stores them on hard disk or other storage media.

Video capture hardware: Video capture hardware can be defined as the equipments which take simulative video signal sample quantization and then make them digital signals which can be identified and processed by the computer system. It also includes the interface linked to the computer.

Video capture speed: The capture ability of digital cameras is one of the users' most concerned functions. Many big manufacturers profess that they have the capture ability of the maximum 30 frames per second, but in real operation the actual video capture ability always lets users down. So far the videos captured by digital camera are all realized by software, so it has extraordinarily high requirements for the computers, which means whether the CPU processing power is fast enough. Then, different requirements of images make different capture ability. Currently, the maximum resolution of the videos captured by digital camera is 640 x 480. Under this resolution none digital camera can achieve the capture effect of 30 frames per second, thus the frames may beat sometimes. More realistic is that users may achieve the standard rate of capture index under 320 x 240 resolution by the combination of hardware and software, so the complete video capture speed is just a theoretical index. In consideration of this fact, users should choose the right software according to your practical need, so that you can get your desired effects.